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C. Anderson, B. Axelrod, J. Case, J. Choi, M. Engel, G. Gupta, F. Hecht, J. Hutchison, N. Krishnamurthi, J. Lee, H. Nguyen, R. Roberts, J. Rogers, A. Trevor, H. Christensen, C. Kemp.
"Mobile Manipulation - A Challenge in Integration".
In SPIE Defense & Security, 2008.

Cressel Anderson, Ben Axelrod, J. Philip Case, Jaeil Choi, Martin Engel, Gaurav Gupta, Florian Hecht, John Hutchison, Niyant Krishnamurthi, Jin Han Lee, Hai Dai Nguyen, Richard Roberts, John G. Rogers, Alexander J. B. Trevor
"A new mobile manipulation platform for automatic coffee retrieval". In Robotics Science and Systems Robot Manipulation: Sensing and Adapting to the Real World Workshop (RSS 2007). Georgia Institute of Technology. Atlanta, GA, USA.